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Susan Maxwell SchmidtMy name is Susan Maxwell Schmidt, and I am an artist (photography, digital art and a jewelry artist), but more importantly, a fractal addict. However, all that being said and despite my addiction, I am not a mathematician… by a very long stretch.

What this means is that what you will find here will be beautiful but not necessarily educational, at least not what’s written by yours truly. While I understand the most basic of concepts behind the math that generates fractals, I am the last person you would want attempting to explain any of this. What I do happen to be somewhat good at is art, especially within the glorious realm of color.

I have been a fractal addict for decades, starting in my early twenties with a collection of kaleidoscopes obtained from museums and art galleries (that persists to this day); being ever mesmerized in the 80s by the very first fractal and kaleidoscope programs that challenged my 8088 PC with its blazing 64k of RAM and 30mb hard drive; to my current tool of choice, my iPad (and occasionally my desktop PC). Recently coming to the conclusion that these graphical renditions of mathematics were being selfishly hoarded for myself, I figured the nice thing to do was share the eye candy and thus, Art in Fractals was born.

Please explore the site, follow me on Twitter @RealiTeeChick, and subscribe to the feed if you’d like. Tell me what works and what doesn’t work, what you like and don’t like. Feel free to contact me with any questions (well, except math questions… you really have to trust me on this). In the end what matters most is simply that you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them!

 – Susan Maxwell Schmidt

PS: You will find both my own and other professional artists’ fractals art for sale at this link.